Drama training course is free of charge.

Acceptance is via a detailed audition system.



Application Conditions:

To be graduate of High School or equal.

No upper limit of age.


Application Timeline:

Applications accepted between 5/09/2017-6/10/2018

The applicant must show at CAS with required documents



High School or University (BA) Diploma

Document of on going studying if this is the case

Photocopy of Identification card.

2 recent Photos



Will begin 7/10/2017 Saturday

Will continue for 3 days and in 3 stages. Each stage will continue following elimination based on performances of previous stage.


Stage 1

The candidate is expected to perform two speeches of their own choice, one drama and one comedy


Stage 2

General Knowledge; in this stage the candidates general knowledge and ability to express themselves in written text will be evaluated. This is a written phase.

Voice examination; Musical ear, sense of rhythm, solfege ability and vocal potential will be evaluated. The candidates are expected to sing one song of their own choice of style. If the candidate can play an instrument it is advised they bring it in.

Movement examination; Candidates physical command, physical expression will be evaluated. It is essential for the candidate to arrive in confortable clothing for this phase.

Improvisation; The candidates spontaneity, creativity, teamwork ability and action-reaction impulse will be evaluated.


Candidates who have passed this phase will be given an obligatory speech.



Candidate will be asked to obligatory given speech as well as own speeches.

The board may ask the candidate to be part of some exercises during this stage. End of this phase the candidates accepted to CAS Conservatory will be announced.


Duration of training is to be 3 years.

Each year is 8 months from September till June.

Training is a total of 2016 hours.

Classes will be held Mondays, Wednesdays-Fridays as a total of 7 hours a day.

Classes are between 10.00-17.00

A class continuity rate of %80 is obligatory for graduation.


Year 1: Foundations of acting, Acting 1, Speech, Improvisation, Voice, Movement, Theatre History and Theory, Script Evaluation.

Year 2: Acting, Scene Interpretation, Script Evaluation, Theatre History and Theory, Stage, Voice, Dance, Acting for Camera.

Year 3: Graduation play is to be rehearsed and staged.



Students who successfully finish training will be graduated and awarded a CAS Conservatory Graduation Certificate.

Graduated may act in CAS plays.